To The Love of My Life

I wonder about you often. I wonder if I have already met you, if I will meet you soon, or if you’ll come when I least expect it. I wonder if you are with someone now and what she is like. I wonder if you’re thinking about me and our future life together. I wonder what your name is, where you grew up, what your family is like. I wonder if you like dogs or cats more, if you like TV as much as I do, and if you want an everlasting, epic love, like I do.

It’s Valentine’s Day and today is a day where I can’t help but wonder about you. I just want to know what your childhood was like. Do you have siblings? Do you not have siblings? How many kids do you want? Do you want kids at all? Disney or Nickelodeon? Nathan or Lucas? Chipotle or Qdoba? Chocolate or vanilla? Clicker or remote? All of these, very pressing questions.

I just want you to know these things. As I’ve grown and loved and cherished many people, I have learned and I am still learning how to love, but this is what I know to be true…

1. I’m one stubborn cookie

I’m not a walk in the park. I will fight with you, I will annoy you, I will make you want to pull your hair out. I am confusing and hard and frustrating. I am stubborn and hardheaded and very firm in my opinions. But I promise, I’m worth it. I love hard, I love deeply, and I love with all of me. I promise that I will love you hardly, deeply, and with all of me.

2. I promise to never give up on us

I promise to never walk away from us. I will always fight. I will fight for you, for us. I won’t let you go to bed upset, I will talk with you until we can’t possibly talk anymore, I will apologize for yelling because it’ll happen. I promise to never give up. I love you, I’m in this.

3. I’m your person

I will be the first one to scream when you accomplish your goals, I’ll be the one cheering the loudest for you in whatever you do, I will be the one to hold your hand when things don’t go your way. I will be your safe haven, your confidant, your cuddles after a bad day. I will never stop encouraging you to follow your dreams, I will dream your biggest dreams with you and cry of happiness when you achieve them. I will always be proud of you. I will hold you while you fall apart and I will make you tea, hot chocolate, cake, or whatever you want to help ease the pain. I will always be your shoulder to cry on, your someone to lean on, your Meredith to your Derek.

4. I will always spoil you

You deserve flowers sent to work, dinner made when you get home, massages at any time. I promise to never stop treating you like the queen that you are. I will always be proud to have you by my side, I will always take you out, I will always show you off. I promise that you will never doubt my love for you.

5. I will always love you

I will never not love you. I will love you through the highs, the lows, the in-between, and the sucks. I will stand by your side through the worst storms and the brightest days. I will hold your hand when you need it, I will give you space, I will hug you more than you’d like, I will kiss you every day. I will be your best friend. I will be your worst enemy. I will always come home. I will always fight for you, with you. I will never let you go to bed unhappy. I will cook for you. I will take you out. I will shower you with gifts, flowers, chocolate, whatever you like. But I will always be here to pick up the pieces, to help you put everything back together, to walk through life with you. I will be your travel companion, your personal comedian, your therapist. I will love you with all of me. I will cheer the loudest, laugh the hardest, and cry the most. I will never give up on you. I will grow with you. I will hold onto you so damn tight. I will always love you. Until the day that I die, I will always love you.



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