Reaching New Heights: California Day 1

By the end of my first day in California, I was so over-exhausted, sweaty, and missing my pup at home. It was a bit of a rough day, to say the least. I woke up at 3:46 in the morning to finish my last minute packing and head to the airport for my 6:45 flight. My flight wasn’t horrible, expected turbulence but a smooth take off and landing.

Arriving at LAX is what killed me. I haven’t traveled out of state by myself since I was 14 and even then, I wasn’t as anxious. That airport is a mess and I’m a mess and we didn’t mesh well. I ended up sitting at the airport for 2 and a half hours. I cried and then called my mom crying and then hung up and cried a little more. I was anxious about being by myself, waiting so long, and being away from my mom. A lot of my anxiety came from just being so tired and honestly, I’ve missed my mom since she let go of our hug at the gate.

After getting in the car though, with a good family friend Bobbi and her daughter Lily, I relaxed a bit. Still hungry because all I had was an orange juice and a hash brown from McDonald’s at 5 in the morning, but I felt safe, and that’s an issue I really struggle with. As we made our way back to their house, I got settled. We drove through Santa Monica and there were amazing murals – we’re heading back for day 2 so more pictures and details to come.

Then, we got on the Pacific Coast Highway, and that’s when I got happy and rolled down the window and stuck my head out to let my hair blow in the wind. It was a warm wind, not the cold kind that makes your ears wanna fall off. The palm trees and the billboards and the weird shops and food places, I just felt an overwhelming feeling of calm and happiness.

When we got back to the house, we had a great pasta with a tomato basil sauce and then went for a walk in a state park by the house. They had used it for old Western movies and there we little placards to tell you
which movie was shot in which spot. As we continued the walk, there was a movie lot where they were shooting something which was so cool.

IMG_0156After that, we came back and just cooled down from the 96 degree weather, and
then our family friend’s
oldest Elijah, decided that we should go climb a rock to see all of the little community that they live in.While I almost lost my life a few times, the view was so incredibly worth it.

When we finally made it down – not without a few scares though – Elijah had a play to go to that he was performing (we’re seeing it all together on day 2 and I couldn’t be more excited) and Bobbi and her husband Scott went to a concert so it was just me and Lily for the night. We decided to bike to a cafe not to far from their house. I think I exercised more in that day than I have in a long time because of my knee but it felt good! We got back, hot and sweaty, and we decided to watch a movie. She had never seen Pitch Perfect 2 so we decided to watch that. When we finished, Lily and I just talked about life and school and a bunch of different stuff. Easily, one of the coolest girls.

It was getting pretty late and I decided that I was finally going to go to bed. I’d been running on 4 hours of sleep and ended up being awake for 23 hours straight. When I got up to my room, though, there was a bug, and if anyone knows me, they know that I don’t sleep with bugs. Nope. Not my thing. Normally, I have my brother come kill them but I don’t have that luxury here. So, I decided that the most logical thing was to lay on the floor at the top of the stairs until everyone came home to someone could kill it. Lily came and sat with me which was super wonderful and I showed her my blog and some of my pictures and my friends and just kind of let her see into my life a bit.

Finally, they all came home and Elijah came to the rescue, killing the bug.

Overall, the day was so fun. It was really warm and sunny, everything you’d expect from California. I’m so happy to be here, I feel so at home. My mom told me something when I was sitting at the airport. I don’t know if she was just saying it to make me feel better about my anxiety, but either way, it stuck with me. She told me that I looked like I belong here and that put a smile on my face. This is where I want to be, it’s where my heart is. I’m so excited for the rest of our days here and I can’t wait to blog about them all.

I can’t say thank you enough to Scott, Bobbi, Elijah, and Lily for welcoming me with open arms and loving me like I have been here for years. Even though it’s only been day 1, I’m the luckiest girl to be surrounded by such cool and weird people.

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