New (School) Year, New Me

Hey there!

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? It sure feels like it, anyway.

I’d like to be the first to welcome you back to my new and improved blog. I really hope that you like the changes I made! I’m really excited for what I have in store for this blog, along with all the moving parts of it. I’ve spent the last couple weeks really putting my heart and soul into this site and it’s become this extension of who I am.

It’s been roughly seven months since my last post and so much has changed since then. I’ve grown, changed, and flourished into someone I really like. I’ve made some pretty big mistakes but I’ve also made some incredible changes to be the person I am right now.

The last couple months I’ve been going through a creative block and genuinely felt uninspired. It’s really hard to have so much creativity inside of you, but also feel so anxious all the time because you can’t help but compare yourself to the artists that surround you. I am friends with beautiful people with beautiful souls. Incredible writers, artists, photographers, painters, musicians everything and anything that you can think of, those are my friends. I am equally intimidated and inspired by them but mostly just intimidated. I feel like I could never measure up, but the reality is, it’s not a competition. All our art can coexist and be equally amazing in its own way.

I’ve also been really struggling with the judgment that our generation tends to give to people pursuing their dreams, being creative, or doing anything or being anything outside of the binary. I know that I am judgmental and that’s something I’m really working on within myself. If somebody wants to make music and rap or sing and SoundCloud or YouTube is the way to do it – if that could give them a shot – who are we to judge. Hell, I wish I had more courage to follow all my dreams and not just my realistic ones.

I think that’s why I’m so determined to make this blog live, to push myself to write more, show myself more, be more open, tell my story – each and every one of them. I am bursting with ideas, pieces I want to write, dreams I want to pursue and I’m going to do it. If you’re reading this and you want to pursue one, any, or all of your dreams, I encourage you with all of my heart to do it. We can do all of these crazy dreams, live these wild adventures and make all these mistakes together. You and me. We can do this.

They tell us when we’re kids that we can do anything we want, be anybody we want to be. At what age did we stop believing that? Who decided that we can’t be the things we want and do all the things we want? When did that change?

I want to change it back. I want us to be everything we want and nothing at all. I want to see you follow your dreams, be the best version of you, and live your truth. Whatever that may be.

I hope that you join me on this journey as I figure out what it means to live my truth, and I hope I get to hear about yours as well.


All my love,

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