About the Author

yF2IruOqQBauJEqZA8j6uQI am a mess of love, compassion, and ambition. I have too many goals, many out of this world to achieve, but that won’t stop me from trying. I care deeply about those I love and hold very few close to me.

I strive to change the world, to mean something, to be a better person. I want nothing more than to be someone. I want to change the lives of many, but will be happy if I change one. I am naive enough to think that I will effect change in this world because I will. I will fight for the little guy, for the people that don’t have a voice. I will speak loudly and proudly about things that matter, and never stand down.

I wonder about the most random things. I have a thing I do called Life Questions With Veronica. If that doesn’t say something about the things I think about, I don’t know what does. Many of these questions about facts of life but others are more pressing, like who invented the fork, and why is it called a fork? Furthermore, who decided a fork in the road looked anything like a fork. These are the things that I wonder and I am far weirder because of it.

If you don’t take anything from what I said above, know this. I am a hard worker, a leader, I am the mother hen of my friends, a creative soul, the biggest Disney kid. I watch way too much TV, I like books that take me places I couldn’t imagine, I believe in everything I do. I’m a dreamer, I’m as stubborn as they come, I love truly, deeply, and with every part of me. I’m a writer, a dancer, an artist, a photographer, a binge watcher, a night owl, a late sleeper, a proud, intelligent, passionate, caring young woman.

Hey, I’m Veronica. Nice to meet you.

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