Yearbook Photos- 2015/2016

My junior year of high school, I was on Yearbook Staff so I hear are some shots that I was really proud of!

Amber – 2016

My lovely, beautiful friend Amber. We just had some fun messing around and I mean, look at her! Such a beauty!

Neil & Savannah – Prom 2016

Photographing these two was so much fun. Neil is a close friend, whom I admire very much and I loved getting to capture this love.

Maddi & Scott – 2016

These two… I don’t even know where to start. First of all, these two are the sweetest, most down to earth people I have ever met. Their love radiates through them and you can feel it. I feel so lucky to be a sliver in their journey. Getting to know Maddi means learning how much she loves Scott and boy does she. Capturing their love was something so special to me and I will forever hold it near and dear to my heart.

Second, they are two of the strongest people I have ever met. They love each other so much and are willing to do anything for one another and that’s incredible. Their love is so strong and I know that as their relationship continues, it’s only going to get stronger. 

I called this photoset Love Is because of a poem I wrote that was inspired by their relationship.

love is – things my best friend taught me

“love is real. it is strong. it is hard. it is messy. it is overwhelming. it is agonizing. it is pain. it is fear. it is hope. it is light. love is.

love is ageless, timeless, limitless. love is 16 years old and feeling butterflies every time he looks at you, even months after he’s memorized your whole body. love is knowing you want to spend the rest of your life with him after 2 dates and a New Year’s Eve. love is being 1,631 miles away from each other and fighting one painfully lonely day just to wake up and fight another to see each other again. love is being apart and knowing whole heartedly that he is the one and only.

your one and only.

love is miserable, consuming, terrifying. love is spending x amount of nights in your bed listening to old voicemails just to hear his voice, crying because being away from him for so long is too much to bare. love is writing 60 letters while being apart for 3 and a half months, just to keep him updated on your life. love is saying see you later to the man of your dreams for a year, and watching him walk away with your heart in his hands. praying for the best possible outcome, the most amount of leave he can get, and the year to go by quick.

love is patience, commitment, beautiful. love is waiting 10 weeks for just one hug. love is being supportive through the toughest decisions, heartbreaks, and disappointments. love is being reunited and holding on so tight, the world stops, it’s just you and him, you can’t let go.

love is real. it is strong. it is hard. it is messy. it is overwhelming. it is agonizing. it is pain. it is fear. it is hope. it is light. love is.”

To Maddi & Scott –

I know that this year is going to be absolute hell for both of you and I can’t even begin to imagine how hard it’s going to be, but if anyone can make it through, it’s you two. I love and adore both of you and I admire you for your strength and your courage to stand by each other through this. It’s seriously incredible. Thank you for letting me capture the sweet moments today. This is my favorite shoot I’ve done thus far. Thank you for it. It means a lot. I hope you love them as much as I do.


Jenni & Trinity’s Senior Pictures – Class of 2016

These beauties. This was probably one of the most fun shoots I’ve ever done. Spending 5 hours with them was not intentional, but still so much from. We hiked more than we thought we would in the shoes we were all wearing, we laughed an immense amount at the faces made between shots, and still were able to get these beautiful pictures.

Special thanks to both of them for letting me get extra close to their faces and for being patient as I figured out every next shot, lighting, setting, and everything else.
Also to Hazel for getting some pretty darn cute shots, some great candids of Jenni yelling, and a lot of genuine smiles. 

Both of these young ladies are going so far in life and I can’t wait to see where their journey takes them. Thanks for letting me be apart of it!


Kenny & Caroline’s Halloween Shoot – 2014

After multiple technical issues with this shoot, from the camera, to the memory card, to the battery, to editing and uploading, and burning disks, I finally finished! These beautiful ladies were absolutely wonderful to work with and such incredible sports about all the issues we had. I can’t thank you two enough for letting me be apart of your Halloween! I hope it was memorable and you love your pictures! Thanks again Kenzy & Caroline!

Megan Sarbaugh – 2014

Megan was my first official photoshoot and a huge reason I love photography as much as I do. Special thanks to her for driving around town and posing in the most public places.